Documentary by Florian Cramer of Zine Camp 2016, a festival to make zines and friends, at WORM, Rotterdam, Oct. 22nd & 23rd 2016
- silent stop motion video made from still photographs
Leo X-treem
All films on this page are by Florian Cramer
Albert Jongstra
Adam Morton-Delaney
Marc van Elburg
Will Vincent
Thomas Walskaar
Rick Hekman
Rachel Sender
Phil Procter
Mimi von Moos
Mikhaela Lakova
Mark Verdult
Loes & Nikos
Eleanor Greenhalgh
Erwin + Rahma + Albert + Mark + Guido + Eve + Minsook + Natan + Daniel
Ana LuĂ­sa Moura
Aymeric Mansoux
XXL ZINE - made collectively by Zine Campers